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Starting a revolution in dehydration technology.

This durable unit has a variable temperature control to ensure food dries uniformly and consistently. This product make dried food easy to use. This energy efficient dehydrator is designed with both your health and convenience in mind and opens up a new dimension in preserving food. The filter ensures that foods being dried will be free from impurities in the air. We’re confident you will appreciate its ease of operation as you enjoy all the different creations you can make for years to come.


Transparent tray and black lid.

Max 99hours timer & auto shut down function.

Adjustable thermostat 95-158℉(35-70℃)

1.2sq.ft drying space/each tray.

Compact size and light weight.

Auto micro processor controlled the heat sensor for the stable drying.

Dries fruits, vegetables, meats, potpourri, yogurts and more!

Certification: CE, ETL.

Product size: 434(W)x290(L)x220(H)

Gift box size: 445(W)x305(L)x230(H)

Product weight: 3.4kgs

Benefits of dehydrating food

The food retains almost all of its nutrients and taste.

You can control the quality of your food; preserving food at its nutritional peak.

The weight and size of food is reduced.

There are no worries about spoilage, unlike frozen foods, if there is a loss of electricity.

Food becomes more energy-dense.

Food is not subjected to extreme high temperatures as in the canning process.

Preparation is easy and the drying process doesn’t need to be constantly attended.

Dehydrating can be done overnight.

Dehydrated foods are easy to store and simple to use.

Storing dehydrated foods is energy efficient.

Dehydration concentrates natural flavor, sweetness and around of food.  

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